View accross an old Berber village at the Atlas Mountains, Maroc.
The Valley Of Trees
Cactusses are growing in an Atlas mountain valley, Maroc.
View across the lakebed of dried out Rio Jate at La Herradura, Andalucia.
A Bridge Over Troubled Water
Leftovers of a monoculture of spruces at Sauerland, Germany
View across the salinas of Parc Natural Delta de l'Ebre, Catalunya, Spain.
Sunset view across the pink lake of Torrevieja
Salt Lake Sunset
Sunrise on a foggy morning. Lippeauen Dorsten, Germany
A Foggy Morning
A stork settling for the night at Rhader Wiesen, Dorsten-Rhade.
Sunset Shadows
The sun sets over some ferns.
Intimate Sunset
Two tree trunks are framing the lake view. Blauer See, Dorsten-Holsterhausen, Germany
Framed Reflections
Wandering along Hohe Mark Steig. Üfter Mark, Schermbeck, Germany
A Hike In The Forest

Intimate Landscapes & Textures

High tide is coming across the sand dunes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.
Tidal Water Play
Crashing waves at Shete Boka National Park, Curacao.
A petrified coral at Shete Boka National Park, Curacao
Macro image of a moss culture growing on a fence post.
Miniature Moss
Blooming weed in a garden
Flower Meadow
A mix of colourful autumn leaves