Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Jana and I'm a landscape and wildlife photographer based in the Ruhr area which is located in the Western part of Germany. During the pandemic, I was chained to my desk for a long time. On the one hand I was working from home office, on the other hand I was writing my master thesis. That's when I first felt the desperate need for a balance. I found it in photography.


Within the scope of my media and communication studies, I've been particularly interested into the field of visual communication. An image says more than a thousand words. Well, at least an image sometimes can visualize a thousand words. This is of special interest for scientists who use images to explain complex phenomena. Climate change is such a complex phenomenon. It's a development that happens slowly and is widely invisible. Its causes and impacts have been and still are subject to a lot of research projects but how to make the results understandable for laypersons? How to raise interest for conservation issues that try to counteract climate change and support endangered ecosystems and species? 


I dived a little deeper into this topic when writing my master thesis about the flagships of visual climate change communication and the way they are used by the media.  That was the starting point of my photography focusing on conservation storytelling. I would like to capture the beauty of our surroundings and thereby show that the conservation of our planet and its inhabitants is worth fighting for. Also I would like to raise awareness for potential threats of our natural world. If you're interested in getting to know more about my way into conservation storytelling, please check out my blog.